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January 20, 2007

Writing and Citizenship

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Hello everyone,

       I finally had the opportunity to read Writing and Citizenship: Using Blogs to Teach a First-Year Composition by Dr. Tryon.  I felt the article would be intriguing and beneficial, since I’m always looking for new ways to teach writing to my stubborn 8th graders. I think the idea of blogging to get students interested in writing is a great idea.  When attending almost any writing workshops or conferences, they always promote that the best way to teach students writing is by first just getting them to write.  With such a high interest in technology these days, blogging seems to be a great way to commence any writing class.  I figure once I have students writing, then I can begin teaching them the concepts.  As in Dr. Tryon’s Composition class experience, he was able to use blogging as a way to get students to think critically as well as write argumentatively. Getting this kind of result out of students is a blessing to any teacher.  As stated in the article, I also think that the use of blogging is a creative way to connect the classroom to the outside world.  When students feel that their school work actually matters in the real world, they get excited and become more interested in learning.  Like the students in Dr. Tryon’s Composition class, my students seem to feel a sense of validation when they realize that what they do in the classroom actually matters in the outside world.  With the use of blogging students can have a public audience, and will probably feel more inclined to work harder and make their writing more meaningful.  I enjoyed reading in the article that the use of blogging sparks conversation in the classroom.  This was good news to me because as a teacher, I probably won’t have to worry about student participation or a one-sided conversation with myself.  After reading the article, I hope to incorporate blogging into my middle school classes. I’m hoping to have as much success in my classes as Dr. Tryon.


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  1. I would like to put all my thoughts and ideas of this new technology together upon learning about it and studying the articles that we have been asked to read. To be honest, I have happened to like this new method that Dr.Tryon has explored. He was nurturing my interest as he was explaining all about this new techniqe. It is completely new for me because I havent been to such a situation before in my life where I could write my comments directly in a blog and the professor would be receiving that. I am sure that not only me but also most of the people in my country have not been exposed to this system of learing. I am more encouraged by this and it will be a big honor to be with Dr. Tryon and learing more about his programs.
    I hope I am able to broaden my mind of this new system of learing and get a enough knowledge of it in order to help my students there in Afghanistan learn in a in this system. Infact, I am extremely glad now as I am writing my comments and all other suggestions that I may have in the future. The other thing I would like to say about this is that the students can see the comments of each other and informing about each other’s ideas and thoughts.
    I have read all the articles and have found them very interesting since I like arugementative issues. And I picked Dr. Tryon’s idea of engaging students with contemporary political concerns. I am a good supportive of engaging of students in social, racial and cultural concerns because it help them to know more about others cultures, race and social activities. By having social or cultural debates, one can enhance his knowledge of other countries. But I would rather not discuss political concerns in a class.It is because politics is a very wide and huge issue and we will not be able to reach to any conclusions in a very short time. As a matter of fact, people do not show tendency toward politics in classes.

    Comment by tahmina — January 23, 2007 @ 3:57 am | Reply

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