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January 21, 2007

Weblogs in the Writing Classroom

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Fellow Classmates,

     As I mentioned before, I am very interested in incorporating blogging into my writing classes.  After reading, Moving to the Public: Weblogs in the Writing Classroom by Charles Lowe and Terra Williams, I must say that incorporating blogging into my classroom is looking more and more intriguing.  According to the article, weblogs can easily replace the traditional classroom’s journal writing.  Weblogging allows students to be free to express their personal lives and be able to share it with teachers, classmates, and others on the Internet.  It is sometimes so hard to get students to share their journals in class, that the use of weblogging seems to be the way to get them to open up and learn that it is o.k. to share the personal without having to worry about being criticized. I mean just by listening to my students,  I can tell that they enjoy talking about their personal lives on public sites such as “myspace” but I can hardly get them to open their mouth when it’s time to share journals in class.  It sort of makes me think that students would much rather have a public audience with which to share their thoughts than reveal themselves to their classmates.  Public writing seems to be the way to get students to take ownership for what they write.  Weblogging allows students to connect to the public and venture outside the classroom walls.  According to the article, students take real-world writing more seriously because they realize it might actually be seen and used. Being able to connect to the public also helps students realize that writing is a social activity rather than just something they have to do to satisfy their teacher and get a grade. 


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