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January 30, 2007

“The Medium is the Message”:The “Message” of English 518

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In the above assigned article, McLuhan discusses how human interaction and association are shaped by the medium of technology–the impossibility of a night baseball game without the medium of electric light in the article, but for the purpose of this post, let’s discuss the human interaction and association in English 518 made possible through the medium of blogging.

The other courses that I am taking this semester, and the majority of the courses that I have taken, exist for me every Tuesday at 6 PM; Monday at 4 PM; existed for me Mon-Wed-Fri from 9-9:50–these are/were the periods of time that interaction/discussion and the trading of views and learning took place.  Sure, time during the week was spent in preparation and research, but the interaction occurred briefly on a scheduled basis.

The human interaction and association occurs more often and on several levels through the medium of blogging, with distinct advantages.  Like other courses, discussion and interaction time is scheduled for 3 hours per week.  However, additional interaction takes place via the blog, at the leisure of the student to the advantage of all.  In class, when one student shares a thought, it really isn’t feasible for all students to respond and discussion to occur; whereas the blog offers a real opportunity for all to respond and a time limit isn’t an issue.  In addition, each student has time and opportunity to review the post, re-reading key parts and shaping a response, resulting in a higher quality of discourse.  Such discussions can take place over the course of the semester, involving all students or could exist as a primarily one on one exchange. 

By posting and commenting to posts, and reading comments to your own posts, and responding, etc, etc, the “message” of the class is enhanced through the blogging medium.  I think other classes would benefit from using blogs; just today I left class with several comments left unspoken, questions unasked, and the comments and discussion that did occur felt rushed–which has occurred all to often in “good” courses.



  1. I agree with your idea. It certainly establishes a situation where we put our comments together and exchange our ideas. It is clear that if a student shares a thought, ther others woudnt have the opportunity to react. But here we easiy comment on what we see. I have also taken another class and I need to wait for a long time so that I can find the opportunity to express my thoughts, but for this class I have the Laptop available and write everytime from my house. It is all the advantage of the new technology and the blog. On the other hand, it fosters our creativity and activities.

    Comment by tahmina — January 30, 2007 @ 4:27 am | Reply

  2. Quite agree with your point! As McLuhan said in the article, the characteristic of all media is that “the ‘content’ of any medium is always another medium.” Like the content of writing is speech, the content of speech is our process of thought, the content of our blogging, a new medium, is actually still our thoughts and ideas, but extending ourselves further. The technology ensures this new medium several advantages. As you mentioned, we can discuss and express our ideas whenever and wherever we want. So let’s enjoy the “content” of this new “medium”!

    Comment by surina — January 30, 2007 @ 10:14 pm | Reply

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