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January 31, 2007

“The Medium is the Message”

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     This article reminds me of the word “reflection,” and what prices we are willing to pay for progress.  In this case, the price is the cost for technology in regards to the media and the effects it has had and remains to have on our culture.  The word that really got my attention in this article was the term amputation(s) in the context of things lost such as quality time with the family due to viewing a production on television.  Amputation to me means separated, cut -off, and detached.  I find Marchall McLuhan’s statements true, but my accepting them is challenging.  It’s disheartening enough for marriages broken up due to a third wheel like another man or another woman.  Just imagine families and their relationships broken due to a mechanical-electronic device, a television and its counterparts —media!   I may be at times looking at the world and its events through “rose-colored glasses.”  I find this statement awesome, “We have become people who regularly praise all extensions, and minimize all amputations.  He believed that we do so at our own peril.”  Marshall McLuhan, you really had insight for future events forthcoming that we now experience.  The Medium really is the Message!


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  1. Spiders,

    How true your words are. We tend to minimize our losses and exaggerate our acomplishments. This is society’s way of ignoring pain and living in the moment and instant gratification. What amazes me about this man and his analysis is the time frame in which this article was written. It was published long before TV even became a household item. While the TV, the Internet and other forms of digital media have served to isolate us from our friends, family and even spouses, we are asked to weigh these losses against the gains that these devices have contributed to our society. The age of technology with air conditioning, and digital media has served to isolate us from our communities as well. People no longer know thier neighbors. We have become detached and ethnocentric, concerning ourselves with only ourselves and what effects us. Let us not forget that many marriages are also broken up by “Internet Affairs”. People become so engrossed with the ‘idea’ that the grass may be greener on the other side with out truly accepting reality and realizing that many of the people (a full 2/3) are married and just looking for a little excitement in thier boring lives.

    Comment by missmoose — February 2, 2007 @ 7:13 pm | Reply

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