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February 13, 2007

Are we using the medium or is the medium using us?

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Another video “Academia 2.0 ” attracts my attention which is also made by Michael Wesch. It is  a further exploration into how technology is changing the way information is relayed in the classroom and Michael Wesch initiates a new question which  is related to the theme we have been discussing till now: “Medium transforms evertying… We think we use medium but it is medium that uses us to extend. If we don’t understand how it transforms us, our social structure, culture, logics, even the way we think; if we don’t recognize the ways it’s transforming us, it will end up using  us rather than us using medium.” Medium is now prevailing and penetrating every corner of our life. Now it has been in  teachings, in classrooms. Students with laptop in class sometimes don’t listen to the speaker, but are attracted by the “magic power” of hyertext and hyperlinks…. In the video it is mentioned that students perfer more powerpoint in class. Powerpoint works sometimes, but does not work all the time. Sometimes, we need dialogue or other methods or strategies.  Now we introduce technology into pedagogy, we should be aware of the use of technology in class and balance it in a good proportion. Like in Anne Frances Wysocki’s “On Visual Rhetoric”, she shares us a lot of good information, but if we lay more emphasis on visual elements of a composition, then students may digress from the subject matter that they are acturally discussing. They may be distracted by some visual elements…


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  1. I think that “Academia 2.0” was actually made by one of Wesch’s students and that they interviewed him for the video, but your basic point makes a lot of sense: while students often tend to prefer Powerpoint and other forms of eye candy, they may not support the teaching styles that work best, namely the discussion format common in liberal arts classrooms. Interesting connection to Wysocki’s essay, which we will discuss next week.

    Comment by chutry — February 13, 2007 @ 2:16 pm | Reply

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