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March 20, 2007

Is “Play” An Escape from Reality? A Closer Look at “Reflections about Interactivity”

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Living in a world where life is serious 90% of the time, people, even adults, sometimes need an escape from reality! This is what I believe. In “Reflections about Interactivity” characteristics of an interactive perspective are discussed. The second characteristic discussed is the stimulation of “play.”  Arata uses the works of Huizinga and Hesse to  describe “play” as free activity deliberatey outside the ordinary life, something originating inside the mind.  I agree with this definition, however; I do not agree with what Huizinga goes on to say in the article.

It is argued in the article that reality is full of change and growth, and that by being in a state of “play” this will not occur. My point is that children are always in a state of “play” and they grow, in fact they recognize reality or what’s real with no problems, usually. So why must adults be viewed as “behind” if they choose to venture into a new thought process from time to time. Now by no means am I saying that it’s okay for adults to always be in a state of “play,” because as adults we do have responsibilities. But it is okay for adults to escape the harsh realitites of life from time to time.  In the article Jean Piaget described play as a type of adaptive action understood in contrast to imitation. I think that “play” is simply an adults desire to venture back to their childhood which is mandated by innocence and happiness! I “play” or “pretend” sometimes that I was somewhere else or someone else, don’t you?


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