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April 10, 2007

“Now It’s Your Turn”

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I can agree with Richard Stengel that ” individuals are changing the nature of the information age, that the creators and consumers of user-generated content are transforming art and politics and commerce, that they are the engaged citizens of a new digital democracy. ”  I don’t believe that the changes in the new information age undermine the traditional authority of media institutions such as TIME and the like.  The new media age of Web 2.0 is a different way of presenting the news via video submissions and comments.  No one now will have to wait for the regular scheduled news shows, or receive the news announcer in a suit and tie or in a very conservative dress or suit with special effects and rountine lights flashing and selected music to enhance the video footage.  Anyone with a cellphone in ordinary clothes can capture the news/live and uninterruped by commercials.  Ordinary citizens of the United States or other counntries can present the news more “immediate and authentic than traditional media. ”

I liked the cover of this article.  The news should be reflective.  Reader selected videos and photos is quite refreshing and real.  I don’t want the news “fixed.”  I want it presented as it acturally occurs or occurred.


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