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April 10, 2007

The Institute for the Future of the Book

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MediaCommons is one of the projects of the Institute for the Future of the Book, and if:book is its very interesting blog you probably want to browse for a while.


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  1. In reference to your post, http://www.futureofthebook.org/gamertheory is a site I am very much interested in, as I have long argued that video games, while often disregarded by the scholarly community, in many cases follow literary archetypes and feature elements of irony, tragedy, comedy, etc. While a game like Pong might seem to offer little, a series of games (like Final Fantasy) would serve as a rich resource. Their musical scores are performed by symphonic orchestras, their storylines inspire books and movies, and the games themselves have a loyal following, much like any author. I also think the cinematic shorts in a video game should be studied like movies. Video games may be the “undiscovered country” as far as literary criticism goes…or at least only recently discovered as gamers grow up and move on to “scholarly” positions and their opinions on games help to modify popular opinion on them.

    Comment by shenra — April 10, 2007 @ 6:55 pm | Reply

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