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April 10, 2007

Youtube videos should be used in the classroom!

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In “YouTube and the Cultural Studies Classroom,” Conway argues that Youtube can be used to enhance comedy and education! I think that many people perceive Youtube to be something that people fool around with and post silly videos. In many cases this is true, however, youtube also has many videos posted that are educational and beneficial to students! I must admit, initially I thought that youtube was strictly for leisure activities….but boy was I wrong!

Conway suggested in the article that youtube educational videos be assigned to students as homework. This is a great idea, because students will be prone to watch videos that they feel are rehearsed or fictional.  Youtube introduces a more realistic side of education to students.  Because Youtube is so popular…why not expand its popularity to the classroom?


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  1. Tmitchell01,

    I agree with Conway that YouTube could be used in the classroom to actively engage students in learning educational concepts. Learning at the same time can be fun! Moreover, research has shown that learning through play therapy is effective. This also gives homework a different approach. Why not allow as many language strands to work together to enhance learning? I do believe that homework like this will be completed and students will be eager to discuss the assignment and welcome feedback.

    Comment by spiders8 — April 13, 2007 @ 3:15 am | Reply

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