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April 11, 2007

“Are College Students Techno Idiots?”

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The irony of this article is that the college students are not just ordinary “idiots,” but “technological idiots” is just plain academia laziness or is it?  A survival skill is “thinking.”  Our students are graduating from high schools, accepted in colleges, and fail to utilize literacy information skills. Wanting quick results and instant gratification doesn’t always satisfy what one truely needs in life or in school.  One good question for thought is are students actually acting out what they know? Other questions include:  Are they lost in a sea of information?  Are they taught literacy information skills?  Unfortunately, I must admit that I observe the same characteristics of students in high school who refuse to evaluate the contents of the information they locate.  It is as if “thinking” is uncommon for some students in school.  Less and less effort is being put into actually focusing on the information and utilizing it appropriately to enhance student learning.  It seems it is much easier to just search and locate the information, select from the top of the list, and then abandon the rest for lack of not knowing how to or a refusal to apply information literacy skills and benefit from the contents of new information. 

The classifications of students were quite vivid.  Students ranged from real students to bimbos, drinkers, and partiers.   Dale’s comments about students being handicapped by a lack of basic adult literacy that prevents them from training and refining the intellects they do have is an in-depth statement.   I am reminded of the statement,”You can take a thirsty horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”  Students must have committment, a good attitude, and be willing to take responsibility for their own learning.  No matter how bad I want my students to learn, if he or she doesn’t want it as bad, then we are in conflict. Not only the instructor, but the student must “care.” 

However, the more I read this article, I can imagine my students having so much to consider about the information which is available to them that they take the easy way out, because perhaps they are overwhelmed and lost.  I also must find a better way at the high school level to better prepare my students for information literacy which will result in more success in information literacy skills in college.  In the words of Ed Sadowski, a librarian at Arapahoe Community College, students should be taught to develop a critical eye hy comparing and corroborating information sources and not just blindly accepting as gospel even the most so-called reliable authorities. 

By definition, a idiot is a foolish or stupid person.  Foolish and stupid people don’t graduate from high school and get accepted in colleges.  Perhaps our college students are not idiots, but are at a technological disadvantage.  What can we in the world of education do to assist our students, our future? 


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