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April 13, 2007

“Click This: From Analog Dreams to Digital Realities”

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This article was interesting.  Realities of digital media include such aparatuses as the computer mouse, video game joystick, wireless cell phones with Internet connectivity, personal digital assistant, personal video recorder, TV remote-control devices and the telephone.  I never thought about the telephone being re-invented, but it is true.  Now the telephone is has a new look, is smaller, portable, mobil, and provides instantaneity to consumers.  Secondly, I never before attached the significance of race to technological advances.  It was quite interesting to me to find such phrases as Neuromancer’s “low-techs,” Afro-geeks, black thing subject, black technomastery and technolust, blacks as the brawn assisting whites’ brains, Black Data Procesing Associates, and a reference to Ralph Ellison’s fictional protagonist, “The Invisible Man.” An interesting point in this article was “what makes studying the discourses of race in techno and cyber narratives valuable is that they reveal that filmmakers, computer game designers, and others, in their practices of racist and sexist depictions, have advanced little from the blackface minstrelsy and misogynist portrayals of the past.”  Anna Everett points out that she is not arguing that issues of digital media reception and spectatorship are equal to their analog counterparts.  She is arguing the importance of retaining our analog memories as we rush to embrace our digital dreams.  This is a profound statement.


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